Hunkered Down in Texas


Well, I'm back in Austin, Texas after two years living in beautiful Utrecht, The Netherlands.  I learned a little Dutch, and I recorded a new song about my difficulties with the Dutch "G" as pronounced in the north of the Netherlands.  You can check it out here: Can't Say the G

I had been looking forward to playing music in Austin and seeing old and new friends at gigs, but alas.  Instead, we've all  been hunkering down at home, wearing our masks and washing our hands.  I made a homemade video with my teenaged son about using discretion when consuming social media.  You can check that out here: Don't Swallow and Follow

I've also added links to several slightly older videos that are out on youtube, but for some reason I hadn't posted them on the website.  If you missed them,   you can check them out on the video page.  Video Page

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming zoom gigs and jam sessions to help  keep you entertained and marginally sane.  No guarantees!  : D