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Drunk on the Sun

Drunk on the Sun
That’s why I’m acting loopy
No need to run
From any creatures of the night
Looks like we’ve won
About a million blue ribbons
These wildflowers and me
Are just drunk on the sun

Skunk on a bun
That’s how I’ve felt so long now
A stinky little piece of roadkill
At some existential feast
But that’s been done
And now we’ll just go cruising
Down a Texas highway
On a bluebonnet spree.

It’s hard to tell sometimes
If Spring will ever come
When it does your blood remembers
And it’s stronger than rum, rum, rum.

Drunk on the sun
And now you’re giddy as a schoolboy
Le petite ecolier
Is my favorite chocolate treat
Put down your gun
And come grab a Dr. Pepper
And frolic in these meadows
With the wildflowers and me
Yeah get drunk on the sun
With the wildflowers and me. (Rum, rum, rum, rum, rum.)