From the recording So in Love with the Studebakers

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PIano and Lead Vocal: Sharon Maner
Vocals: Becky Cavanaugh, Jill Montgomery
Bass: Randy Seybold
Violin: Javier Chaparro
Drums and Percussion: Gary DeVries

Recorded and Mixed by Gary Hickinbotham at Fire Station Studios
Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Digital Sound
Front cover illustration and photos of Jill and Marilyn by Sharon Ricker Maner
Group photos by Erin Matwey
Graphic Layout by Tom ROudebush
Produced by The Studebakers


The Lesson: Learning to Love

Music and Lyrics by Sharon Maner

Learning to walk, and then learning to run,

Learning to work, and then how to have fun.

Learning to rest when the daytime is done,

But most of all, learning to love.

Learn when to say yes, and learn how to say no.

Learn when to stay, and when you need to go.

You must learn that there’s much that you still do not know;

You’re still busy learning to love.

All the things you learn in school,

And all the books you read

Won’t teach you what you need to know

To grow love’s perfect seed.

You must learn how to listen and then how to feel,

Feel all your pain, and then learn how to heal.

Life’s little lessons are sure to reveal

It’s all about learning to love.

Don’t wait for love to come to you;

Someone else can’t make it start.

It eludes you if you search,

Unless you look inside your heart

I believe this is true, I’ve also been told,

You’ll never be done, no you’re never too old

Right up through that moment... the last hand you hold,

Your body turns cold, and life’s mysteries unfold

You will still just be learning to love.