1. Doodlie Doo

From the recording So in Love with the Studebakers

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Lead Vocal and Piano: Sharon Maner
Vocals: Becky Cavanaugh, Jill Montgomery
Guitar: Randy Seybold
Piano: Marilyn Rucker
Ukelele and Bass: Gary Feist
Drums and Percussion: Gary DeVries

Recorded and Mixed by Gary Hickinbotham at Fire Station Studios
Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Digital Sound
Front cover illustration and photos of Jill and Marilyn by Sharon Ricker Maner
Group photos by Erin Matwey
Graphic Layout by Tom ROudebush
Produced by The Studebakers


Doodlie Doo
Music and Lyrics by Sharon Maner

I was sad and bored because you left me all alone,

To go and visit your old friends in Timbuktu.

Now, I’m so very lonely, so low there’s nowhere to fall,

Cuz when you’re gone oh baby, there’s nothin’ to do at all....

There’s nothing for me to

Doodlie doo, doodlie doo,

Darlin’ I just don’t know what to doodlie doo,

without you boy,

I’m just so sad and so blue....

So I decided to go driving to see my dear brother John

He lives on farm land up north near Kalamazoo

But thoughts of lonely roads just bring me back to thoughts of you.

Without you by my side I just don’t know what I would do!!

I’d watch the cows while they

Moodlie moo, The barn owls hootlie hoo,

Stay up all night to hear the rooster cockadoodlie doo,

and think of you

And you just don’t have a clue.

Come home and.....

Sing me a song a sweet melody called Doodlie doo, doodlie doo,

I like the rest but the part I like best is Doodlie doo, doodlie doo,

Sing me song, there’s nothing much to it,

All you’ve got to do is doodlie do it,

I love it so, wherever I go, I doodlie doodlie doo.

And when we get all done with singin’, and you’re finally home with me,

I’ll kiss your lips and whisper, “how ‘bout more sweet harmony?”

Oh baby come on and let’s, Doodlie doo, doodlie doo,

You’ve cast a spell upon me, it’s voodoodlie doo, I’m a foo

(Foodlie foo) for all that doodlie..

Doodlie doodlie, doodlie doodlie, doodlie doodlie, doo.