Marilyn Rucker, also known as “The Wicked Wit of the West”, sizzles on the piano and sings a mean song. Not mean spirited, mind you, but the lyrics are far darker and more satirical than you might expect from someone who studied at Miss Maisie Baldritch’s School of Elocution and Deportment.

Dr. Demento has featured many of her songs on his radio show and his infamous Basement Tapes, including such gems as “Grandma, Show Us Your Tattoos”, “Snot Nosed Rag”, “Codependent Christmas”, “Happy Whatever You’re Having” and “Twenty Naked Pentecostals.”

Marilyn has placed songs in situation comedies (“I Love Your Smell” in “The King of Queens”), independent zombie musicals and video games (“Leaving B” in Space Station Sims). She’s big in Finland and Germany and with Xena fans everywhere for “If I Could Be Like Xena.”

The Austin Chronicle weighs in on her cd, “Everybody’s Somebody Else’s Weirdo” as a work full of “sly humor” (“Spoiled Rotten White Girl Blues”) and “lit-referenced lyrics (“Canterbury Rap,” “Cassandra”).

Marilyn played with The Therapy Sisters (and occasionally still performs with them on an “outpatient basis”). She’s also performed with The Studebakers, The Austin Lounge Lizards, Mr. Fabulous and Casino Royale, Maryann Price, Emily Kaitz, Mary Reynolds, The Big Band Sound of Austin and The Original Recipe Band among many others.

Her music has jazz/folk/pop/rock influences and can be described as a cloning of Tom Lehrer, Weird Al Yanokovic, Blossom Dearie, Dave Frishberg, Nina Simone, Diana Krall, and a dab of Ray Charles.

 (Yes, she will play for your anniversary party or backyard barbeque, you just have to ask. And pay her. And let her have some of the food as long as it’s not like bear meat or something with tentacles….)