Austin's female equivalent of Weird Al Yankovic.

John Kelso writing about the "Rude Jogger" video (Interstellar Pirate Queen c.d.)  in the Austin American Statesman.  Link to full article here: http://www.statesman.com/news/news/local/rude-jogger-music-video-proves-that-yes-austin-is-/nRk8r/

They come to Austin, they go from Austin, they record in Austin, and sometimes they stick around. That's Marilyn Rucker, formerly of Therapy Sisters, whose sly humor ("Spoiled Rotten White Girl Blues") and lit-referenced lyrics ("Canterbury Rap," "Cassandra") made the group the feminine version of the Austin Lounge Lizards. On her new solo disc, Everybody's Somebody Else's Weirdo (Furry Gecko), Rucker keeps up the tradition with songs like "Grandma Show Us Your Tattoos." Unlike many songwriters, Rucker knows when to rein in a song: In the Tom Lehrer tradition, most are under three minutes.Weirdo's a prize that will likely fly right under the radar.

Margaret Moser review of "Everybody's Somebody Else's Weirdo" (The Austin Chronicle)

Written especially for Austin Earth Day 2013, Marilyn Rucker puts a passionate voice to the challenges of we face with climate change. Backed up by the EARthworms, Gary Feist on bass and vocals, Lisa Rucker on flute and vocals and Masumi Jones on drums, the group led off Austin's Earth Day 2013 festival at Mueller Park in Austin. 
Review of the tune "Earth Has a Fever"  by Al Braden

Backed by her own keyboards and full band, Rucker bounces through a clever set of tunes in the novelty vein, with subjects ranging from old Southern ladies packing heat ("Pretty Little Gun") to overzealous religious types ("Twenty Naked Pentecostals"), with a special emphasis on obsession ("Constantly Studying You," "I Love Your Smell")… make no mistake, Rucker is a pro at the business of writing clever songs. Best of the bunch is perhaps the closer "Email Legends," a run through all the amazing, unsolicited "true" facts one gets through their electronic mail. It's a charming pop classic-in-the-works, not unlike Sparks' "I Predict" updated for the 21st century.

 Ken Lieck review of  “Teapot Lady” (The Austin Chronicle)
Writing a song about Xena, Warrior Princess, wasn't enough for local pianist/songbird, Marilyn Rucker, who swung into crime-stopper gear when her purse was snatched outside the Research Blvd. Target store last week. Rucker pursued the young attacker on foot, verbally rousing those around her to her cause. One of these public-spirited citizens continued the chase in his car as the perp sped off in a waiting pickup truck, pointed out the truck to a passing police officer, and the youth who stole the purse was arrested. Lucky for the young scofflaws that Rucker's song "Pretty Little Gun" -- about the Texas concealed handgun law and its effects on stereotypical big-haired Texas women -- is a satire. Wacky radio host Dr.Demento likes that track (from her upcoming CD Teapot Lady) so much he's been playing the rough mix since October. 

Austin Chronicle Feb 16, 2001 review of Teapot Lady (and crimefighting skills)

A great voice, an affinity for the big band sound and funny lyrics make her a singer who's easy on the ears (she's cute too)
WXCI’s Reality Break
Good for what ales ya…Rucker sparkles as a single.  Her C.D., Voyeur Princess, is notable for its variety of material and versatility of the artist…
Perry Stewart (The Fort Worth Star Telegram)
Destined since birth to bring her message of unswerving lunacy to the listening public in search of a good time.
The Therapy Sisters

Can you believe this woman is a lawyer?  Luckily, she’s moved on to a higher calling!
Dr. Demento (National Comedy Radio Host)

Marilyn is the wicked wit of the West, feminism’s answer to Tom Lehrer and one of the funniest players ever to tickle the ivories.               
Steve Brooks (Singer-Songwriter)
A very funny and witty singer/songwriter.  Her piano/keyboard playing is amazing.
The Winslow Arizona Mail
How can you not like a song entitled “Twenty Naked Pentecostals”?  Rucker combines quick-witted lyrics and ….jazz, rock, acoustic and folk to create a quirky commentary on modern life.  Not to be missed.
Crosswinds Weekly, Albuquerque, N.M.
I have worked with Marilyn Rucker several times and have found her to be always entertaining, yet consistently professional.  She draws on a wealth of musical knowledge and presents a varied program, but it is her engaging sense of humor that I remember most when the show is over.
Tom Pittman (Austin Lounge Lizards, D.J.  Folkways-KUT FM)