From the recording Tree Goats of Morocco

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A love song to anonymous facebook stalkers.

Voice and Piano: Marilyn Rucker
Bass: Gary Feist
Drums: Masumi Jones


We’re “Like this” on Facebook

We’ve Never Met in Person
Not outside of cyberspace.
And since your profile pic’s a hamster playing chess
I’d never recognize your face.

But I like you several times a day
And you do the same for me
Yeah, we’re “like this” on Facebook
And I heart you virtually.

I like the way you shared those videos.
OF all those tigers water skiing
And how you shared each gooey detail of
You recent colonoscopy.

And while I may never meet you.
At least not face to face
We’re “Like this” on Facebook
Our friendship transcends time and space


Most of my friends and family
Have been absorbed by the Continuum.
And though I know there are some holdouts
I never get around to see ‘em.
But my heart belongs to you, Dear,
No matter who or what you be
Cause you’ll stay up all night on Facebook
Playing “Scrabble” and “Farmville” with me.
Yes, we’re just “Like this” on Facebook
And I heart you virtually

Copyright 2014 Marilyn Rucker Norrod