From the recording Tree Goats of Morocco

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A barnyard choir of chickens, geese and ducks sing a joyful song of harmony, followed by a hoedown.

Poultry choir: Marilyn Rucker, Lisa Rucker, Billy Curtis, Gary Feist, Robert Rucker
Piano: Marilyn Rucker
Fiddle: Billy Curtis
Soprano Sax: Lisa Rucker
Bass: Gary Feist
Drums: Masumi Jones


We are chickens
We are turkeys
We are geese
And we are ducks
We have wings and we have feathers
We like quacks and we like clucks
We are chickens.
We are turkeys.
We like scratching round and round.
We are geese and we are ducks and we are white and we are brown.
And we are white
And we are brown
And we are white and we are brown.