1. Pirate Eyes

From the recording Tea Pot Lady

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It’s not like we ever stood a chance
I knew we weren’t suited from the start
I jumped in for the kick of it
But there’s the dirty trick of it
Romance blew my self-esteem apart.

But if I could do it all again
I would take the same gamble even then.
Cause even though my brain said no
My heart was mesmerized,
By your beautiful Pirate’s Eyes.

I know it’s a stupid thing to say
And you probably know it anyway
That even though it hurts to love
It’s better than to be scared of
The one who has thrown the chance your way.

So though we know our affair must end
If I stay we might do each other in
And you always used your rapier wit
To cut me down to size,
I’ll still miss your Pirate’s Eyes

I’ll still miss your Pirate’s Eyes

I’ll still love your Pirate’s Eyes.

Copyright 1998 Marilyn Rucker Norrod