1. Tea Pot Lady

From the recording Tea Pot Lady

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When I am old I’ll not be a cat lady
For though I love cats I’ll have no more than three
Instead of collecting felines ad nauseum
I’ll collect all those sweet little pots made for tea
And all of the kids in the neighborhood
Will call me the little old Teapot Lady.

And when I am old I’ll not have a rose garden
For though I love roses my thumb is quite black
Instead of killing those innocent roses
I’ll grow wildflowers
Cause they can fight back
And all of the kids will play in my yard
And I’ll give them Red Zinger and Rice Krispies snacks.

When I am old if I live that long
I’ll probably not be what I though I would be
But rather the sum of the intricate parts
The cosmos inscrutably foisted on me.
But still I’ll be little old Teapot Lady
For I am in need of that small certainty.

And if I could make one more prognostication
Bout who would be living this quaint life with me.
I’ll give you Red Zinger and Rice Krispies snacks
If you would grow old with the Teapot Lady
Yes, you’d get the best of my tea and cookies
If you would love little old Teapot Lady.

Copyright Marilyn Rucker Norrod