From the recording Tea Pot Lady

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Constantly Studying You
I don’t have a roadmap
That would help me to find
All the convoluted highways
Twisting round
In your mind.

So it’s always the hard way
Well, that’s nothing new
I just have to keep on
Constantly studying you.

I’ll dissect your actions
Hold your words to the light
Poll my friends by phone and email
And collect their insights.

And once every quarter
I will publish a review
So that folks all round the world
Can be Constantly Studying you.

We’ll have a convention.
We’ll invite several learned Ph.d’s
They’ll share their opinions
On why you want to see me on my knees.

We’ll have a big meeting
We’ll invite our extended families
I’ll ask your big sister
Why you wear those Batman B.V.D.’s

And then when it’s over
Guess what I’ll do.
I’ll just have to keep on
Constantly studying you.

I’ve got to admit it.
It’s my favorite thing to do.
Obsessively compulsively and
Constantly studying you.

Copyright Marilyn Rucker Norrod