From the recording Voyeur Princess

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I don't know why my dragon's dying.
His scales are falling off like leaves.
I see tears welling in his thousand bright red eyes.
He seems distracted and displeased.

I guess he heard the wizard tell me.
A dragon's not meant to be tamed.
Although I feed him
And bring him flowers.
I guess I really ought to feel ashamed.


Oh why did I have to love such a nightmare vision?
Why must this seem so demented and strange?
Why does he stare at me with such blank derision?
Can't he see my heart will never change?

My dragon wants to fly forever.
And rob a king's son of his throne.
Such mischief-making's
An undertaking
A dragon like mine's got to do alone.

I will unlock my dragon's chains now.
And watch him fly up high and free.
Oh see him leave me.
See him deceive me
Who'll unlock the chains he left on me?

Repeat chorus as scat solo.

Repeat last verse and fade.

©1984 Marilyn A. Rucker