1. Serenade

From the recording Voyeur Princess

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Won't you please love me
Even though I have no money
And I'm not the height
Of fashionable beauty?

Your eyes and your smile
Have led me to regard you
As a child regards
A bag of sour candy.

I know you could date
Supermodels and rock stars
But they are not as interesting
As me.

My neuroses go so deep
You could never find my bottom,
And don't you love a challenge
And a mystery?

I realize this is a little like playing the lottery.
I'm putting my dollar down and saying a prayer.
But maybe if I spent my whole rent
Like that one stupid guy did,
Like him I'd end up as a stupid millionaire.

And if I stand in a storm
With a ten foot metal pole
Maybe lightning
Would consent to strike at me.

And so I ask for your love
Though I clearly don't deserve you
And it takes a lot of nerve
Just to believe.
But I believe you'd be happy
Oh I think you'd be happy
Yes I'm sure you'd be happy with me.

©1996 Marilyn A. Rucker