From the recording Voyeur Princess

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Baby Define Yours Terms

It's been a year and one month since you went away.
Because you loved a woman with blue hair
I can't describe the pain I felt; the endless nights of tears;
The immersion deep in pathos and despair.

I only know that 'ere you left
You told me many things
And now you've come back saying them anew.
But before I can agree
To let you charge my batteries,
I must ask a simple question or two.

What do you mean by I love you?
Did you not toss that line out once before?
Cause if you really loved me
You never would have dumped me
Or told me being faithful left you bored.

And what do you mean by I missed you?
Did you miss me like the late bird missed his worm?
Well if you ever want to win my love again,
Baby, define your terms.

What do you mean you left the others?
How many, many others have there been?
And are you trying to tell me
That you left them all behind
Or were you really left behind by them?

And what's all this puckering up you're doing?
Does that mean you want to mingle up our germs?
Well if you ever want another kiss from me.
Baby define your terms.

(Instrumental Break)

You say that you won't take all my money.
And you won't beat me into a pulp this time.
But I've got cause to know
That you may still "borrow"
And you may have access to a gun or knife.

You say that nothing else will ever part us.
Not even a wild herd of pachyderms.
Well if you ever wanna get within a mile of me again.
Baby define your terms
(On second thought forget it.)
Baby define your terms.
(I'm getting a restraining order)
Baby define your terms.

©1995 Marilyn A. Rucker