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Grandma, Show Us Your Tattoos


Grandma, show us your tattoos
Tell us all about those painful piercings
When you were young you always knew
The trendy thing to do
So Grandma, please show us your tattoos.

Tell us all about how you met Grandpa
At that fetish ball with all those little hooks
Yeah that was way back in the oughts
But we still want to know
We’re not sure if we believe our history books.


And mama says we aren’t allowed to tattoo
Or adorn ourselves with pins or little cuts
But Grandma won’t you take us to that parlor
Where they needled “I love Spike” right on your butt?



And then could you tell us why you did it?
Were you mastering yourself by owning pain?
Were you trying to tell the world
You could rise above it’s scorn
By hurting yourself again and again and again?