1. Pi R Squared

From the recording Interstellar Pirate Queen

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This track features the muppet-like vocal talents of Gary Feist, questioning every line of the song, as well he should. It's just a short, silly thing, but it could prove useful for sixth grade math homework.

Piano and vocals-Marilyn Rucker
Bass and Vocals: Gary Feist
Drums: Jimmy Fenno


Pi r Squared

Pi r squared

That’s what he told me

Pi r squared

No, I frowned

You know Pie are round.

What kind of smoke are you blowing there?

But then he said

Pi r Squared

And then he said

Pi is 3.14159265358979323846

And then I took some pie

And hit him square in the eye

And said, I don’t think you’re being very fair.

Pi r squared
That’s what he said

Pi r squared

So I said

No you fool

Pie are cool

And they are hardly ever ever baked in the shape of

A big block letter

And they are almost never ever

Except in the case of Ma’s Deep Dish Apple-Pear

Pi are never ever ever squared.