1. Worry

From the recording Interstellar Pirate Queen

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Nail bite in time with this one. I wrote it at the grocery store on the back of my receipt after an intense moment of anxiety triggered a torrent of words. (First recorded when I was with the Therapy Sisters on their album Mood Swings)

Piano and Vocals: Marilyn Rucker
Bass and vocals and bongos: Gary Feist
Drums: Jimmy Fenno
Vocals: Maurine McLean and Lisa Rogers (The Therapy Sisters! They're great!)



Well I lie wide awake every night till three.
Chewin' my nails and gnashin' my teeth
I know I shouldn't watch the news on CNN
But I'd think up something worse than reality then


Cause I worry
I worry
I worry and I fret.
I worry bout global warming
I worry bout pollution
And I worry bout the national debt.

I worry my deodorant's failing
I'm stressed about the rainforests too
I worry that the world's going down the drain
And now I've got to worry bout you.


You used to be a happy, young Republican, baby,
Contented as a clam.
You were starched and neat
And you looked so sweet
And you didn't know to give a damn.

Then you started listening to me, babe
And you saw it was a desperate case
Now you're wearing tie-dyes
And reading Mother Jones
You got a pinched up look on your face


Cause you worry.
You worry.
You worry even more than me.
You're concerned about the present
And you're stressin 'bout the future
And you're frettin 'bout history.

You worry 'bout AIDS and cancer
And you're wonderin' what you can do
And sometimes you stay up
All night frettin'
And you're worried about that too.


(a capella)

Now we hate to go to the grocery store
Cause there're too many choices to make.
The bad foods are fatty, full of sugar and salt
And the healthy foods taste like snake.
And should we take paper or plastic
When we go to the checkout stand?
We know we should have brought our little canvas bags
But it's hard to remember and


We worry
We worry
We worry that we're goin' insane
We've got migraine headaches
And ulcers in our tummies
And we're worried about the pain

And I'm haunted by a sinking suspicion
Though I fear that this might sound inane,
I've noticed if you worry long and hard enough
You don't actually have to do anything, but


It's self indulgent and strange
We're obsessin' all day
And compulsin' all night
And we're not makin anything change

But at least we're aware of the problem
At least we know what to do:
We'll just worry 'bout bein useless
For another decade or two.

Copyright 1993 Marilyn Rucker Norrod