1. Cup of Tea

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Lead Vocal and Piano: Marilyn Rucker
Vocals: Becky Cavanaugh, Jill Montgomery and Sharon Maner
Bass: Randy Seybold
Sax: Lisa Rucker
Drums and Percussion: Gary DeVries

Recorded and Mixed by Gary Hickinbotham at Fire Station Studios
Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Digital Sound
Front cover illustration and photos of Jill and Marilyn by Sharon Ricker Maner
Group photos by Erin Matwey
Graphic Layout by Tom ROudebush
Produced by The Studebakers


Cup of Tea

Lyrics and Music by Marilyn Rucker Norrod

I had nothing but a fear of you.

All my best friends said "steer clear, dear!"

You were known for being

Prone to overheating

When life dropped the other shoe.

Then I learned you had a broken heart.

Someone left you bleak and bitter.

Left you at your wedding

That must have been upsetting

I could give you a fresh start.

Howsabout it?

Give it a try!

Why not let that floozy go?

Just forget her

I won't let her

Be more than just a stepping stone to me.

Our love could be almost maintenance free

(Not implying that I'm easy)

Let's just dance together

Then we'll know just whether

I could be your cup of tea.